For exchange students and professionals: Integration tips in Sweden

One thing has to be said about Sweden – it is a beautiful country, with charming people, and very distinct seasons. But what does it take to integrate in Sweden? There is a lot of hard work involved that many others before have endured.

Below is a collection of words of advice from students at the university and professionals in the city that we have collected to help others set up a home in Sweden.

• One of the first things you need to do find a job. Jobs are available in all sectors to English-speaking people with varying levels of Swedish. While it may not be fun to wash dishes in a restaurant or become a member of the cleaning staff at a hotel (both actual examples from my friends), it is important that you get some work experience with a local Swedish job reference.

• Read the news. Sveriges Radio is the best English language news service in the country.

• Make friends in groups outside of work. Swedes have a strange relationship with their work colleagues and while they are friends at the office, very few of them extend that friendship into their private lives. Work and personal life are very separate in Sweden.

• Join the forum at thelocal.se. While the news is of horrible quality, the discussions are very active and if you need answers to questions or advice of any kind, there are many people willing to help out.

• Finding a place to live in Uppsala can be very hard. One little known thing is that Uppsalahem (the biggest ”landlord” in Uppsala) sometimes release apartments first come, first serve on Twitter,

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